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Sunnydale and Beyond

A Jossverse Roleplay

Jossverse Roleplay
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Sunnydale and Beyond: A Roleplay Community

Sunnydale and Beyond is a role-playing community set after both Angel: the Series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

One year after the destruction of the Hellmouth, Sunnydale returns from the dead. All the buildings have been reconstructed and evil once again abounds. It is up to Buffy, Faith and the rest of the gang to investigate and determine whether or not the First really has been conquered.

Run out of Los Angeles by the Senior Partners, Angel and the rest start looking for a place to call home. But when the Slayers call for backup, will the Fang gang be able to help?

- We assume that the survivors of 'Not Fade Away' were Angel, Spike, Illyria, Gunn and Connor.

- Buffy, Faith, Giles, Willow, Andrew, Dawn, Robin, Xander, Kennedy are the survivors of 'Chosen.' Along with any Potentials-turned-Slayers who survived the final battle.

Active users

Buffy - the1born2slay
Spike - bloodsoakeds0ul
Faith - onedarkmystery
Dawn - made_by_monks
Giles - last_watcher (temporarily)
Willow - wickedwillow26
Xander - not_this_zeppo
Kennedy - nuageslayer
Angel - noangelofyours
Illyria - illyria_reigns
Cordelia - cordie_chase
Wesley - _wes_pryce_
Tara - sugervamp

Big Bads

Mr.Arjor - maskofinnocence
Drusilla - singtodarkness

Not taken

Anya (deceased)

Any other characters are open to debate - just ask one of the mods.

Your mods are the1born2slay, onedarkmystery and readywreadywit

All out-of-character discussion and APPLYING is to be done at the OOC community: sdandbeyond_ooc.

Please only join these communities once you've been accepted!