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17 August 2005 @ 11:36 am
Open to Kennedy and others at Buffy's house

Getting back into the car, Willow and Kennedy made thier way over to Buffy's house, an address Willow could never forget. As their car pulled onto Revello Drive, she got a little nervous, but she wasn't quite sure why. She glanced over at Kennedy, then grabbed her hand and continued to look forward as they neared Buffy's house.

The car reared to a stop and each of them slowly made their way out and stood on the sidewalk, looking up at the house neither of them had seen for so long.

Willow let out a heavy sigh as she looked over at Kennedy and gave her a smile before advancing forward up the walkway. She left a soft knock on the wooden door and stood with her girlfriend, waiting for an answer that hopefully would come.
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12 August 2005 @ 03:18 am
Open to Wesley

What we are, what we become, does any of it really matter at all? This life, the life of a human, they die and others cling to the memory of what once was. But what about those that come back.

He was mortal and was suppose to die like the rest of them but he didn’t. He came back? So does that grant him mortality? Something that they do not get? That is something that Illyria can not comprehend. Other mortals die to never been seen again but here and there a few are left. Was if for unfinished business? Or something else? She wished to understand the answers to those questions.

Time did not matter to them. Never did to her, she was a former god-king in a world in which she had the power to mend time to her liking. Why should the time of this world mean a thing to her. Everything around just flowed as it should but not to them.

She brought him back to the place he wanted to be brought back to. A place that memories of the shell hung onto like a small thread about to break. Illyria didn’t like this place, it wrecked too much of humanity. Too much of the shell’s life. Cocking her head to the side blue orbs scanned the lobby of the hotel “Does this bring any peace to you.” She snapped her head towards Wesley as if to study his reactions to the place.
11 August 2005 @ 08:21 pm
Open to A.I. Gang

Once again the dark vampire was alone, sitting in the dark. He, Cordy, Lorne, and Gunn had arrived in Sunnydale right before sunrise. The others were somewhere in the mansion. Sitting on his bed he was leaning against the headboard, thinking. He was back. The Hellmouth of California. It seemed so long ago he met Buffy in that dark alleyway.

'Who are you?'
'A friend.'
'What if I don't want a friend?'
'Never said I was your friend'

But not too long after they began to date, acting as normal as a vampire/slayer couple could. He enjoyed the simple times of heated make out sessions in the cemetary or in her home when her mother was away. He missed those moments but knew he could never go back, never. One passion filled night brought forth his demon, unleashing Angelus onto the population of Sunnydale. He still had nightmares of the victims during that time span. He sighed, running a hand through his hair. That's why he left, took comfort in a larger city; there were just too many memories for him to deal with. In L.A. he started over, was able to create a name for himself. His body and mind was there but his heart and soul was with her. In his dreams he would remember that one day he was granted. The one she didn't remember; when he was human and could take comfort in her embrace without having to worry about loosing his soul.

When he'd close his eyes he could see her clearly, crying, begging him not to leave her. He could see her strutting out of his office and it hurt his heart she couldn't share the memory.

*This is why you hate it here*, he thought. As soon as he stepped into the mansion visions of his blonde love filled his head. He growled in frustration.*You have Cordelia, why are you thinking of her?*. He immidiately felt guilty for pushing his present love to the back of his thoughts. Cordy would always feel insecure about his feelings for Buffy but he knew he loved the brunette with all of his being. Things happen for a reason and his road had lead him to her. With a grin, feeling a bit better he walked off looking for his seer.
06 August 2005 @ 04:16 am
Anyone - Scooby Gang

Faith glared at the driver through the privacy glass. They were late. Faith had been doing so well too, being on time all the time, showing up to kick ass and take names and generally being part of the crowd. She was using her newfound wealth to her advantage and sharing… and now her good streak was shot to hell because the stupid limo driver insisted on driving the speed limit. They were in a limousine; as if the cops in SD were gonna pull them over.

They were supposed to be at Buffy's five minutes ago to pick up the gang and go shopping for that black tie thing next week. Hopefully someone else was holding up the show a bit as well so they could share the blame. Faith let out a frustrated groan as they stopped at a yellow light. She was tempted to just walk there and let the limo catch up in a minute. Finally they made it to Revello just ten minutes late.

Faith bounded out of the limo as soon as it started to pull to a stop and ran up to the front door. The door opened slowly and Faith started to talk before she even realized whom it was, "Sorry I'm late, apparently he thinks that yellow lights mean stop too. Everyone ready?"
26 July 2005 @ 10:28 am
No One

Kaethe took a slight detour before she heading back to her estate. Pulling up along side the curb, the engine shut off and the keys slipped into the pocket of her suede skirt, feeling the envelope she had slipped there earlier, Kaethe made a mental note to herself to look over the contents of the cream colored envelope when she returned to the house.

Her fingers gripped lightly the handle of the door, pulling it open, Kaethe then stepped inside the dimly lit and fairly smokey establishment.

"Well, hello there." Kaethe found her path blocked, after having only made it half way to the bar, by a big, burly and extremely unhandsome vampire who grinned at her with a toothy grin.

"You're in my way." Kaethe said calmly while she grabbed hold of the guy's right arm with both hands, giving a fairly good shove which sent the vamp flying sideways, his form crashing into the table a few feet away. Dusting off her hands as if to rid them of the dirt she might have picked up from the annoying piece of vermin. Kaethe proceeded to make her way to the bar, she could feel a glance here and there, but really paid no attention to any of the customers in the bar.

"Tell me what you know about Dawn Summers." Kaethe said to Willy once she reached the bar.

"Dawn Summers? You mean the slayer's kid sister?" Willy answered back. " Now why would you want to go and get mixed up with either one of the Summers' girls? Bad news if you ask me, Kaethe."

"Please do shut up with your unwanted opinions, Willy and just tell me what I want to know."

"Alright," Willy said with a bit of a sigh. "But not here, I think it would be best to have this chat in my office in the back. Never know who might be listening in."

"Very well, do bring a clean glass and a bottle of your best blood wine, Willy." Kaethe said, waiting the couple of moments for Willy to get the glass and bottle of wine, she then followed Willy to his office. The two then disappeared behind the closed door.

Kaethe emerged from Willy's office about forty-five minutes later, content with what she had learned about the dark haired Dawn Summers. After leaving the bar Kaethe drove home.

When Kaethe finally got settled in her bed for the night or what was left of it, she reached over to the bedside table gently lifting the small cream colored envelope from the tabletop. She had placed the envelope there before she changed into a long, silk sleeveless sleeping gown.

"Hmm...interesting," Kaethe murmured after she glanced over the contents of the envelope. It had been quite a long time since Kaethe had attended a black tie event, though in the days of long, long ago they were not called that. Tucking the invitation back into the envelope, Kaethe placed it back on the table. A proper dress would have to be purchased or perhaps made exclusively for the event, which Kaethe thought would be an interesting affair.

After slipping further beneath the covers, Kaethe found a comfortable position and soon her eyes drifted closed, taking her into a light mode of sleep.
25 July 2005 @ 11:31 am
Open to Willow

Kennedy got out of the taxi staring at the house before her. With a yawn she streached her arms a bit before helping the driver take Willow's luggage out of the trunk. She handed him the fare and he pulled off.

"So this is your old place...", she put her bag over her shoulder, picked up two of Willow's four suitcases and headed for the door. Turning the knob the door opened."Unlocked doors in Sunnyhell...not the safest thing to do."
21 July 2005 @ 05:09 am
Spike, Xander, Buffy

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15 July 2005 @ 01:16 pm
Summers' Household

Xander gazed curiously from the cab window at the shifting scenery. With the exception of a few lingering construction sites, it looked like most of Sunnydale's square footage had been rebuilt. He watched familiar alleyways go by, the fresh new trees that had been transplanted onto main street, and - to his puzzlement - cemeteries, freshly carved tombstones sparkling in the dull moonlight. Just memorials now, he thought, and slouched back onto the upholstery until a familiar curve grabbed his attention.

"Wait, stop here!" He blurted and the taxi rolled to a stop, the driver grunting in a way Xander might have found unsettling if he hadn't been scrambling out the door with his duffel bag. "Wait here."

The lobby of his old building followed the same floorplan - the brand new floors and carpeting didn't strike him especially, since the maintenance staff had always kept things immaculately clean while he was living there. Outside the door to his apartment was a pile of mail, mostly junk, but among it an unmarked brown envelope. Xander only skimmed the letter within - Pleased to inform... estate of Xander Harris... full re-imbursement... - and fingered the newly pressed key at the bottom for a moment before letting himself in.

The switch hadn't moved and as the lights flicked on Xander's throat closed up. The loft was different in small, insignificant ways that disappeared when the eye wasn't near them, but the combined familiarity of its angles and curves was enough to invite back a host of memories. He threw his duffel and the pile of mail inside and flicked the lights back off, tasting bile, and locked the door behind him. He wasn't dealing with this now. Not yet.

The cab's engine was still running as Xander climbed back in and nodded to the driver to continue on to the original address he'd given him. His glass eye bothered him as they pulled up to the curb outside the new Summers household and he tipped the man with the last of his pocket money from his recent adventure.

At the door Xander knocked once, twice, tried the knob and found it was open. The nostalgia from this place, even a recreation of it, was comforting, and he called out to the quiet boards of the house enthusiastically. "Buff? Dawn? ... Hello-oo?"
14 July 2005 @ 08:43 am

Night had just fallen and Kaethe was feeling restless and blood lust was slowly taking over. Willy had made a visit to the house less then an hour before, delivering the deed and other important documents pertaining to the sale of the house and change of ownership. Clad in a light brown, ankle length suede skirt, white peasant style blouse with a long, caramel colored vest and brown leather boots. When Kaethe opened the door to leave a plain, small, cream colored envelope fell to the floor at her feet. Seeing nothing written on the envelope except her name in fancy script, Kaethe slipped it into the right pocket of her skirt with the intent of reading whatever contents it held later. After leaving the house Kaethe got into her jeep and drove away from her newly acquired estate and headed for the town.

The first seemingly populated place Kaethe came across was a place, according to the sign hanging outside, that was called The Bronze. Kaethe had noted a small group of young adults going inside. A sly grin crossed her features at the sight, she had taste for young, fresh blood this night and after locking up the jeep she ventured into the establishment.
11 July 2005 @ 04:58 pm
Anyone at the Summers' house

Buffy assisted her sister and Spike with packing away of the groceries and the fridge and cupboards looked a lot healthier because of it. There were no more empty shelves and now they could ditch that horrid chocolate that Buffy had regrettably sampled the day before. She shut the fridge triumphantly and packed away the bags to be recycled.

Selecting something to eat for herself, Buffy settled down at the counter and unfolded the local paper. It told of a teenage boy who had had his scalp sliced from his head, leaving him nothing more than a corpse in the park.

She made her disgusted face and sat the paper down in front of her, not bothering with the folding of said paper. "Note to self: Self, don't read the Sunnydale paper while trying to eat. Who goes around chopping the top off people's heads? I mean, ew! Decipitating I get, but just the top part? Doesn't seem right to me." She shook her head and stared down at her cereal. She held a mental battle with herself and finally pushed the bowl away. "Whatever's doing this doesn't sound real human. So I guess I'm back in the business - with the research and the hunting and the slaying. Same old Sunnydale Buffy." She tried to sound at least a little excited about the concept of battling evil, but she doubted she could fool her sister or the vampire. They knew her too well.

"There's a bonus, though," she pointed out, trying to cheer herself up. "All of Giles' musty books got nice and squished in the crater. Not even the redevlopers can bring them back. So it'll be traditional Net surfing and throttling of informants - assuming some still live around here." Buffy dropped the spoon she was holding unenthusiastically into the distant bowl of Corn Flakes.

She slid off the stool and looked between Spike and Dawn. "Ok, I can do this." She puffed up some fake drive and hitched up her sleeves. "It's just like riding a bike, right? Which, incidentally, I was never real good at." The Slayer sighed while furrowing her brow. Getting back into the slaying swing of things was going to be tougher than she first anticipated, even with Spike there.